The hits keep rolling…

OK – I am seriously loving all the hum in the room!  Teachers are sharing, tweeting, and helping one another.  We are a great little gathering!  I’ve just changed some of the settings of my blog, and am starting to feel more comfortable fixing and editing my work.

I just learned to link my active Delicious account with my new Diigo account.  Social bookmarking is so great!  I’ve had great success with this ‘new’ feature in the past and am looking forward to my new educators account to be activated.

Loving every minute of this.



The morning after…

Good morning!  What a great night in Toronto!  Catching up with family and friends is so great!  I just love coming to Toronto, where I can visit with two of my favourite aunts.  I picked up my aunt Sheila and away we went to my other aunts house.  She lives out in Stoufville, and after driving by Elton John’s house (WOW ~ What a castle!), we got to chit chatting, catching up and some belly rolling laughs!

Not only did I learn lots yesterday, but I go to spend a great night out too!

Now, back to the learning…

One thing that I need help with is approaching my adminstration/board about unblocking twitter for use in the classroom.  Is there official data that I can provide my admin with, so I have proof that I need this?  Help please!

One thing that I would like to learn is how to make secure pages for my students to blog on.  Is there a way to have password protection on your blog?  I’m again fearful, that my board won’t like my students blogging on the WWW without some kind of filter.  Or, is this feature only available in a wiki?

Looking forward to hearing some feedback and your ideas.


Welcome to the world of Blogging

The cutest little nugget.

Here I am,

Blogging, and learning!  Loving being here in Toronto, with Ontario Teacher’s Federation and at the ECCO presentation by Peter Skillen & Brenda Sherry.